by Kreaturen

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Project Members:

Бенедикт Fötus Pfähler

Tschād Erdström

Guillame Gøatz


released February 7, 2012


all rights reserved



Arcadiac Records Wisconsin


Arcadiac Records is a group of like-minded musicians spanning from Southeastern Wisconsin, all through Michigan, Kentucky, Colorado, and South Africa.

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Track Name: Sloth
Sit in the trees
Enjoy warm breeze
Munching on leaves
Complacently sleep
Can barely get yourself to breathe

Wasted in a fog of lifeless bliss
Hang upside down, the jungle's clown
Got no clue what you've missed
Canopy's home, free of distress
Down on the ground, chaotic mess
A war to control the pests

Close your eyes, hide from the truth
If you'd climb down, feet on the ground
Couldn't handle what you'd see
Take a moment, take it all in
Look at yourself
There's no one else who will be there to clean this up

Time to wake up

You are no better than animals
Looking down on all that you see
You are no better than animals
Thinking that you are above all else

You don't hold on to anything
You can't provide for anyone
You just survive, hiding, cowering, nothing to stand up for you will be left on your own

You are no better than animals
Looking down on all that you see
You are no better than animals
Thinking that you are above all else
Now the trees are covered in pesticide,
The food that you eat makes you sick
The air that you breathe is poisonous
The ones you've ignored bring disease

You'll bear this on your own
You'll live this all on your own
Track Name: Merinos
Frightened of the wolves and flies
Hiding; keep your master in sight

Frightened of the wolves and flies
Hiding....Frightened of the world outside
Frequent nightmares
Strength in numbers
Start your counting
Follow orders
Track Name: Tse Tse
Come out from your homes
Listen to the dignified man, GRAVE ARGENTARIUS
An incredible offer, builder of dreams, raising station, making haves of the have nots

Rise above, sell your free will

Huddle in your homes, parasites are at work
Stopping at nothing in the quest for blood
Insatiable swarms, spreading filth to the unwary masses
Only acting to their own end

Stay below

No, they won't hurt you,
they just want to
make your future bright
Sell, sell your free will
Have what you want
Raise your station

The fly's tubular mouth-parts are lowered and inserted into the tissues of the host. In this case, human.

You took on debt that you can't repay,
Keeps you up at night
Now, the room is spinning
Don't shut your eyes
Might not wake up

Now, now it's over, you are below, left with nothing

Can't control the itching
Voices growing hollow
Madness quickly sets in
Many more to follow

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