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by Onboard Balloon

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Yea 01:54
Its that get over a death shit Medicine for heads That haven’t given up yet Upset screamin Mother fucker whats next As the sunsets again Watched ur wings shatter Bring a ladder this time i Wonder why the other side Is always runnin double time Its summer time Guess I better get the fuck up And let some sun inside Or I could Run and hide And die while im still alive inside I tried to fly And took a dive inside this mind of mine Its quite divine When I recite all of my vital signs yea im Putting little Spiders Up n down ur fuckin spinal line Idolize the liars And the fires that they light at night Try to find the time To get ur life and all the crisis right The price is right for blindness And u buy it like its sinus pills yea Its like a fuckin virus Uninvited but i like it here Mindless little pirate With the slightest bit of lion hair Tryin not to light it But to fight it is a nightmare Why the fuck am I here…..
Stitch 03:02
Stitchen up my heart again Sittin in a pile of art Tryin to start again Is harder than the diamonds That the rappers are buyin After an underpaid child Pulls it out of a mine Im fuckin outta my mind And I doubt I can climb This mother fucking mountain Without clouds in the sky Ask em hows it to die? Bet its crowded inside in the now quite house With the thousands of flies Thinking how to rewind This isn’t how im designed see u doubt it at times Like the sounds n the sights Drownin in this shit Howd it sound when u hit When u’ve literally fallen To the bottom of the pit Thinkin This is where ive gotten Rotten forgotten man Sitten high as fuck Spitten trippen on the lava lamp Mister gota plan Rockin in his pocket And its growin and you know it But chu aint widit Same shit different visit Isn’t this shit a shame? Aint seen u in a minute In this dark room with crickets knew it’d be would different But this shit is frigid The eyes of a pigeon No sign of the spirit Burnin bridges silently Learnin shit is irony Pukin up my vitamins And Curling up and dying… chorus: Drownin in this shit Howd it sound when u hit When u’ve literally fallen To the bottom of the pit
Light Beams 01:44
Im not a warrior anymore Livin in this swarm Where the warden makes the ordinance Unordinary stories Restore the former glory Forward in the morning While they prayin in the corner The performance of a lifetime Pourin out a porter Burn a quarter thru the pipeline Follow your fucking orders Snorter of the snow In the summer time alone Tombstone roamer Older than your jawbone Forgotton autumn shadow Bestowed upon the land Blotto is the madow then Vomit on the ottoman Homage not as common When the prophet in the closets dead Pocket fed On it where ur wallet is chronic high as comets is they don’t have a faucet and you take another goblet sip wear it if the locket fits modest in this rocket ship its profit and its promises demolish all the honesty and call it a day beware of the bizarre that black bear means bizness he sat there in sicknees the distance is incredible stop talking to the officer or ur blood goes in a saucer pan monster man lost in this obnoxious colossus of a plan godless understandable filled with fucking toxins talking off n on about the boxes in his hands its all about the process watch it till ur eyes bleed its just a fucking pipe dream filled with fucking people that have seen the same that ive seen every day and nightly let em take it lightly and it might be what his life needs a little bit of fright a fucking knife to cut the tight seams release the fucking light beams…
He’ll never live n die In the twisted up name of Some lyin famous Fuck face in training All hes sayin is pay me Lately I been tastin the daiseys And hes amazed Instead of bein lazy and saying graffiti is crazy Consider what it did For the kid that fuckin put it up dealin with a death or Could be sealin up the feelings And it really helps em vent To you its fucking silly But it saved his fuckin life Invaded by this savior to say it is good advice Taken twice daily Life just stays hazy It stays shady In the desert on a rainy day The place I chase away All the demons that were placed today im on the train And I can barley make the graveyard Safe to say He took the blade and made a face scar Heart stays harder Than a fucking knights armor And these nights have been hard… these nights have been hard… Chorus: Plays a deadly little medley In his head while eating medicine Put the drugs In the chevy theres a teddy bear Head is empty But he acts like he has plenty there Machete in the heavy chair He stares and its embarrassing Dip it in the kerosene American therapy Dip it in the kerosene American therapy
Poisen guzzle In the puzzle with the muzzle loader Get off my back Ima never be sober tho Can of rusto And a plan for the man While I dance do the dust slow Cut throat mother fuckers Livin for the gun smoke Sun soaked sick again Livin is the difference isn’t n e bodys bizness What hes been in bitch Trippen on the lights again Its early in the morning And his back is what the knife is in Ur too Attached to that Cut those little strings U fucking little puppets Are scared of what it’ll bring Its where we double the dreams And bury troubles with ease Time to hit the streets again Get chur fucking krink And ya Never fucking blink again they’re feedin on the weaker ones walk a million miles just to bleed and to beat the drum seat for one eager when the season comes bleedin frum his mouth spiders in his beard why even try he could die within a year stuffin little diamonds and surprises in ur ear the lies r in ur tears been fightin it for years driven thru the night we survived another year fungus lung hungry funny where the money is shit is passionless take ur fuckin cash and act like it means somethin different bee buzzin in the national forest passin the porridge as promised all raps n no chorus bumpin doris spraycans rattle in the back of the forester floatin in orbit with morbid little grin just an ordinary kid carryin a scary little fairy in his bibs and its barley guna live buried with a fifth im in the unattended cemetery in the area where do you live???
Boots 02:48
This shits gotta change Feelin strange in the mind again Began to wonder If id ever fucking write again Night sky hydrogen And You don’t wana see the disease That ive been hiding in Extreme lack of niacin painten thru the night In this life that we’re fighting in Hieniken n sirens Out here theres no fucking requirements I seen em huffin nitrogen Fuckin up his life again Hard to find a god For his type in this environment Supplement the violence And tie it to the kite in wind Its mighty in ur eyes And I can hide in my disguise again Don’t wana fucking try again All that’s guna happen Is you’ll laugh then I’ll die again Tryin not to lie getting high just invite it in needin something honorable Thriven in my life again Try to find the diamond The firemen is clueless Deuces to the foolish Ima do what Ima do And Keep it truest to the roots I hope the boots fit Savin up the seconds Sit n Wonder what the lesson is A tenant in the wreckage Attending with a weapon To this tendon when the weather Is impressive in the desert Questioning the evidence Is always recommended Watch the fucking cops Cuz their goin off complexion Infected as a person Connected to the earth Send the herb to texas Respsecting the cursed Defective relentless Pathetic at work Its genetic And the medicines majestic He Never shoulda left it Never Blessed but unaccepted His lifes a fuckin mess… Chorus: I hope the boots fit Proven ur useless Solutions in the ruins Confused what the truth is…
Onboard Ballon's Verse--- Draw a fuckin circle in it Sick of this circus shit Live with broken circuts Anxiety and nervouseness Nocturnal With a mother fuckin brodie lit Gerko on that purple shit This aint fucking commercial Find us lurkin on the fertile ground assertive Deserving nuthin but hurtful Its early and im worthless The purpose has dispersed earths just getting worse for you ur late for the rehearsal nothing personal I wrote this shit in cursive And its curtains for your stupid ass Im loosin land And I cant have that shit again Sittin in the harvest While we argue with the venison Like mother fucking gentlemen scar u with this menace shit Don’t even mention it Its endless and this shitty Fucking worlds gunna prove it Fraud In the inducement Theres solutions in improving rather Profit on confusion no interest in a union of any fucking sort so ima flip em off sit and suck upon a quart… im not a corpse yet… force fed to a whore on ur doorsteps forced into wars and of course we endorsed it what the fuck do u think this is for x3 Gerkos verse--- Draw a fucking line through it, go ahead and do it, Cross me out like I wasn’t here. I get nervous when there’s buzzards near my resting place. My restless face gets laid to waste everyday like a bomblast bong hit. I’m on this honest shit like it’s my day job, but I’m hiding in the shadows a feral stray dog and it’s business as usual; I’m so brutal it’s beautiful and I barely cough while the I watch the tumor plumes float out of my face and linger in the room while me and lee get high like we’re onboard balloons. Gimme my space while I’m belching from my belly because all of my shit talk has been getting hella smelly. I’m so ready for the lights, camera, action that I’m laughing from my gut while I turn blunts to ash. Man, takin’ your worst and makin’ it worse is my game plan ‘cause I’m the original version of your least favorite person. So I’ma never stop run from cops like it’s a sport… I’m not a corpse yet. -force fed through a hole in my forehead -forced through your courts and of course God endorsed it. _ what the fuck do you think this for? x3
Lockjaw 02:48
Mr. dark place Art fetish argument Alarmed at the least bit Marker on the architecture I give a fuck What your art professer said Heart messer upper In the darkness and under This card fish is nothing But a varnish of suffering The artist the garbage The carnage on the carpet Its all harmless right Get a fuckin harpist For the harvest When the stars are right Hard as nights He’s dyin in my arms And I Cant even get the harness right… Heart shatterd still actin like its all right…. Its all right… No its not Now hes fucking crazier he hates everything More than he did before his minds at war Tryina find what hes fightin for… Caught em lock jaw talking to the gods again Hopin that they’re offerin Somthin other than oxygen coverd with toxins under the impression that the sun unimpressive not doin this for you so fuck your attention all this fucking repression got it built up inside right beside the depression and I reckon that the question is when is it a weapon? when do we regress and give in to this infection? your affection n ur feelings are guna get u killed unequipped n thrilld wonder if this mother fuckers one to fit the bill sit still build it in ur mind that in the end ur guna die and ur the only one that can decide to be alive while we’re floatin thru time every roach that he smokes gets approached open mind sometimes ur coastin sumtimes u gotta climb sumtimes what gets inside of you is vital let it die and if that’s what it decides then its right ,,, just let it fly… lost in this shit someone please explain what confidence is wheres the documents hid and what does it cost to get a lot of the shit still fuckin tumbling down these bottomless pits and this autumn is the cotter pin in actually living and not sitting in his godlessness to polish it off I miss my little goose And that twisted little vision that we live in isn’t true sometimes u gotta listen even if it isn’t you just a little self abuse and that shit’ll get cha thru justify ur actions to no one but ur passions send the rest packin end the respect to the neck that was laughin when u said u was ready for the mother fucking draft pick take off your mask waste away and laughd it takes away the tragedy as we rapidly decline trapped in the divine…
Let em said it again Hes on that negative shit Self educated feather head Rhetoric twisted Writing 7 letters In the sediment wish list Recall the medicine Make sure the chemist Gets credited kid they don’t give a fuck what the deficit is destroy the fucking evidence some gentleman shit inject it in the specimen adrenalin hits this shit is incredible no fuckin comparison mixed mutt no heritage typical fucked up drugged out American parallel with arrogance starrin at the snare again despair is in the air again this shits only fair if we can wear it in the barracks where are you let it take care of you sippen on some whiskey and some mother fukin thera flu got me little wobbly follow fucking policy go about it properly fulfill the fukin prophecy hiding in the property defines it as a quality life a sort of odyssey never have I ever been the man I fucking want to be keeps haunting me monster in the lobby keeps rotting as promised that mother fucking solace I been on it for the longest Astonished by the honesty The godess is impressed…. And nothing but nonsense is left… Chorus: You’re Controlled by the emotions That you hold and its corrosive Notice that the dosage Is Devoted to the motive Broken and alone It isn’t only what you woven It’s a token of my gratitude eroding on the avenue…
Rated Insane 02:43
Put em in the column Clotted and its awesome The comet isn’t common But its Godless like the fallen is Flawless shit dotted little drifter Mobbin thru the timber Picture mister pick me up Broken blinkers Are bigger than u think Put the cinder on this side This time the fist fight Will end up on the inside Pass the fuckin zipties These lips lie accordingly North fork historian Posted with a forty In a four story Victorian Its an ordinary day And in the storm is where I stay Seein orange Fuckin pissen on ur jordans It’s the same ol fuckin story Up this morning with a joint lit Pointless little voice The choice is to silent it The violence in his guidance Wasn’t nothing short of spineless On that science shit Ultraviolet lights A lioness, and some mother fuckin vitamins And sirens of the night When the environment is right U Itemize and try to fly as high As eyes of fire flies… it doesn’t fucking matter which way that it goes its the weight of this dose it’s a way to get close his minds inside a box hes sealin it off buidlen the blocks hard places n rocks lowest bounty in the county they can finish it without me ill and replaced fellin the haste the noinsense the hate and the toxic the waste how often the goblin can soften the coffin hes fuckin lost it sick of bein exhausted barley seein every weekend and sleepin where the frost is spiritual florist I can hear her In the forest Livin here is more Than fellin the poorest Headed west Sigin to my wings that the dead are blessed Veteran quest its better to stress Forcing the chorus Don’t hate where u stand Make the fucking vapor And take it by the hand … Rated insane… rated insane. … raaateeed insssaaaneee ya
Roads 04:04
Above this abyss Is air that’s adored It appeared to be more But it wasn’t steady does it We gotta get beyond Where the birds go it hurts tho Pay no attention To the breeze train ur brain To be the bridge out to the brightness Pull ur lips outta the vice grips And start talking shit again Ask em why the burned the fuckin place That you were living in Swimin in indigenous Whispers From the witnesses It isn’t what it seems again believed to be the reason that his feet started to bleed again its eating him alive and you can see it in his lies It’s a daemon they keep feeding Defeating it isn’t easy kids Climb the city To the clouds and get around it What is this about Am I to dive into ground Just to try n find it out Guess that’s why my knife is out Higher than a virus In the eyelid of a pilot now Striven for a life Where I can try and die a lion Outta mileage hold em to the highest mark… still on that promise rot still a little vomit in the pody trough, im honest and often on some nonsense talk it out sniff a bundle get the scuttle for winter months and puddle up put the duffle in the shuttle runt and hit the fuckin tunnel the trouble is its subtle and you stumble on the ugly shit fucking with your hustle get the shovel double vision somethings missin from the risk it isn’t steep enuff of tumble under water jungle shit humble buckle up runnin from the muzzle another fucking Monday put ur finger in the fireworks admiring the wizardry of yesterday it festers the sun and the planet have a plan and they just laugh at us Hidden in the thick of it Quite the comfortable position Though the light that’s cast is intermittent No behavior explicit. Miss it Wishing these blisters aren’t the half of it To handle it, candle lit dinner with the wind Whistling, but don’t speak the language Because it’s lacking in semantics But finer things in life don’t have to feel so plastic Feeling compression, galvanized Know the smell, formaldehyde Moving now to prove my actions are nothing but erratic Bleeding a hologram and panic Might have to leave a little penny for the insects to invest And shed a little light upon the nest Meant to lay out the scene in jest but despicable to the rest of um Half the hive will be split Up at the abdomen The other half There’s no sense in rest when you’re running in your sleep This venture wouldn’t last a day you must believe In lieu of panic, in search of the keys We meant the butter knife won’t cut it, but it came out a sneeze Shut it. We meant that living under clowns as much as us Will be discussed, the sense of urgency is side effect of The must to leave this mush The sense of urgency - their currency; they promise you Clemency. The cycle is never ending It’s just a run for the money. A run for a hill on the driveway Heard it right, just a box full of ants Box full of banks in a paralyzed state Belly of the beast in a cubby of a chubby kid Housing a group of stray cats from the overpass Diamond in the Duff, Always in the cuffs… Adventure got the best of this whole box of ants
Decypher 03:28
Snots on the wall again Everywhere he goes He paints n it’s a problem The saints r in the shop again And all of the repairs Are embarrassing so stare at em At it again What planet is this And whos plan are we in He tatted a map On his majestys skin Theres a big bag of drugs In the vanity kid............ tapestrys stories Still flashy boring Sanitys slippen All panicky And mad at how hes livin Years take their toll While u sit there n waste In that factory’s hold Behold the laughed at robot workin man Fools gold Got chu wurkin Like you’ll die If u aint got that shitty job Gotta get along In this city fulla pretty slobs Watchin it all Like an overweight city cop It would take alot Of Talking To get em off it Its nonsense Crawlin thru this life On that relapse shit Completely Detached From that ski mask shit U never geta rematch So put the past In ur pack and get ta crackin On a future that’s immaculate Tacklin the riff raff writer in the tractor shed nasty lil head wound sat there as the master bled you did what the captain said I cut his fucking head off Ur headed off to law school And ima break the law Until ur gods on that barstool Take a cuple shots And fuckin toss em in the shark pool Ya its art Started on that darker shit N still fucking on it Ironic n fucking honest About all the stupid shit I do Sippen on sum Written on your dumpster Getting dumber than a mother fucker Nuthin in his pocket But a homemade mop And the opposite of oxygen Twisted up Offers it up often Toxic lil fucker Paint can fulla Mother fuck you and yours U ignored it Like the fact that we’re in orbit And that morbid little course we’re on Will kill the fucking orchids Distorted drummers And The bearded butterflies All Wilting as the summer dies Forever wonder why Just call em mr.undermine So far…. Chillen with the crows Under oath with a crowbar Deal with what u know And Keep ur nose to the sonar You don’t get shit By sitten down n wishin it All they want is fame And I just wana get some fishin in No one to know my name N stay a slave to what living is Keep your distances Id like to keep this witlessless Ill leave it up to you To decypher what the difference is Between a life And what your currently existing in....


Onboard Balloon - "I made Lockjaw so I could say the right things to the wrong people."

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Cover art by: Lee Willis and Jim Baum


released November 24, 2015


all rights reserved



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