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by Onboard Balloon

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Livin' Here 03:18
Are you awake yet? A thug ugly baby That ate ur fuckin tape deck These places keep racing Tryin to outlive the residue They never knew that level Little devils taking revenue You gotta breath Hold it steady Cut it with a little bitta ease The disease in mes dying Im really high today Keep having this dream That I die in a violent hideaway Lyin in a pile of lice With 9 microwaves Cooking up my eyes The way the writers mind works It kinda duznt Slighty buzzin with a Half burnt blunt in my lap Laughin my ass off Westward to sofia In search of value in the veins I walk away and talk today To no one but the flock of jays Waiting for the visit The voice to fill the void Kill the noise with pills and poisen There's a virus in the vines Im fucking useless… Kicking bruises for amusement In the ditches of depression Im a twisted little mess the monster in the mirror is a result of living here Hes 5 foot something And dead to the world Little skinny mother fucker Never mentioned the burns What do you expect He lives in the desert Little desert rat With a feather in his cap The rhetoric gets better When the weather is drastic Dead men still speak On the streets of this country Week after week It gets fucking disgusting The victims the veins The tricks and the trains Sick to his stomach When he sits in his rage Distant with a fist Fulla ripped up tickets Kicks it in the stench On the bench with his crickets But don’t judge em Just another mother fucking Drunk ex-husband Tortured by the tounge Of the fortunate and young Lvivn in this realm A certain version of hell Sacrifice and sadness The sickness in the shadows Is similar to battles That everyone fights It’s a heavy one right?? The monster in the mirror a result of living here You survived the suffering I can smell your spirit Just let loose Whats inside that skull The reapers always ready And the ravens in the rain Aren’t waiting anymore The monster in the mirror Is a result of living here And seeing nothing else But a lot human fear In a land where you peddle Through the Misery and metal Miles of masks And piles of glass Lust in the lungs And trust in the drugs Living with the loss Is the life of the lion Invisible innocence Lyin on the horizon Dien off and despising The lies in the vitamins a Beautiful grave Summer time Smell the funeral flames Teeth to the weapon Breath in the season The need a confession… The monster in the mirror a result of living here…
The Queen 02:48
The queen’s the machine’s owner Shes a loner clean n sober Leanin over weepin slower Grieving soldiers even tho She didn’t know the screams were closure Deep as oceans sleep it over It’s the coldest streets to roam in Feet are swollen needin hope These people treat her like a ghost Vocals spoken then they’re stolen No ones listening to this it’s nowhere to be found its in the clouds and then crowd wont even look up toward the sound all alone even surrounded well endowed already doubted wound and unaccounted for loud she’s not allowed to count the money in the pouch its out and everybody’s proud of it crowd around and crown it this is out of towner ballad shit let the warriors be rewarded for the morbid they rode in on the horses takin courses never taken and of course we cant afford it cant afford not runnin toward it in the orbit that we swarm in human race is unimportant in the forest snortin orchids fuckin stored in a distorted little corner sippen morgan singin waitin till the morning time… The queen’s the machine’s owner Passionless and damaged Mad at shit and fuckin glad Shes half an inch from the casket lift Traped where the rabbit lives Avid little masochist Some baggage in her basket Actin like it never happened shit Manage it And keep the pattern with the lantern lit There's ashes in the back Of her head where that bastard lives That’s why she’s getting blasted Keep it placid in this plastic land Bad habits Imagine where the passages Could take her if the glasses fit Just another mask To peel back when she’s mad again Revealing the location Of the patience in the maze is quick Amazed the fuckin raven Had a place for her to stay in On occasion she was playin With the strangers in the rain It made her look insane With the razor blades to blame In the equation she created Obligations observations Occupations operations There's not a lot to say Except her days are awful grey…
Stay Away 02:10
The ice this winter Is different it’s extra sinister Bumpin into something Other than the fucking linear Anti innocence I'm in it for the fuckin Vinegar I keep it minimal Grow some extra gold And fuckin hold to the throat Of the cold shoulder that molded him Hold it in Its all controlled by the emotions Of the human with the mostest Not considering the elements I tried to tell em That its hell in this development And what they're sellin Isn't fit for my embellishment Sitten in this well lit cell With my irrelevance intelligence or criminal? Paid to live it digital Chase ur fuckin dreams And make ur favorite things fictional inexplicable livin on this pivoted mineral we are pitiful its critical you get to the clinic so stay invisible opposite nutritional claiming its medicinal chase it with a razor and claim its unexplainable the way he tooka blade to the vein it’s unattainable… Chorus:When you’re told not to stay--- you stay away
Dead Again 04:04
Its under control This summer is cold Its wondrous touching And trusting the crow Alone in America Known to jus stare at cha Character flaws This wear and tear Isn’t fair to the lost Out here at sea Take them below Building a better Believable place They sleep with the snakes And bleed at the stake For reasons we can’t Even begin to say Beasts on the boat Sip brandy for breakfast The cabin is filled With jacks and no jills No sign of the land No sign of the rocks Silence the last Lamb of the flock Dreaming of castles There’s bones in the box Butterflies lie Swallow the beer Honor the motto that Hollow men fear Follow the years To bottoms of bottles ‘till autumn is here… They called him twisted Like the branches on the family tree that he happen to be in happily tracking the graves in his brain each telling stories hella gory or he wouldn’t be the glory filled warrior that he is today wishin shit just went a little bit different ways the walls of this maze remind him days they went crawlin away damaged packin it up fucking haul it away solve it call it a day all the alcoholic shit will polish it off it’ll dissolve in the grey a small victory call it a symbolic piece of modern fucking art and we can talk about the fucking monsters hiding in the dark lining up the stars and reclining on the lighting it duzn’t fucking matter blood spatter never lies its better that this weather never ever met his eyes and the letters in his head are medicine he’s dead again…
Vegetables 02:46
Count all your achievements On one hand and slap yourself Act like you fucking Deserve to be breathing I admire you for trying Its inside of me and fighting it is none short of frightening you should see this shit…. Watch that bitterness bounce Off the breath of a god The attraction to the matter Isn’t that it’s adolescent It’s the passive aggressive Manic depression in him Pass the vegetables… That television made Brain of yours is amazing At the station under stars The system on the surface Is suffering greatly Scream into the sea Pull ‘em out of the shadows Who’s about to get handled? Does it matter? The planet has its ways Of shattering faces And I don’t fuckin bowl With my co workers phony They’re all being controlled Pass the vegetables… Chorus: You don’t need your left hand To do that its systematic There’s an addict in the back And all they do is laugh at him
Puppet Show 03:20
Fuck you And your set of two faces May your shitty ways Take you to new places Forced to survive In this shit hole with rats This is all they’ll ever be A force tryin pull me floor wont let you do that any more the solutions in the shadows we look all our lives and might find it in a battle scorn society have pity on the nation mistakes and misery sit in the mind of the innocent victims of that wall street crime the greed of your government is telling you your free and you believe it cuz your so fucking American your version of success is so fucking disgusting dominate the emptiness escape with the gold baptize congress is the blood of the hungry in drones we trust it’s lonely at the top and you know it but you still wanna go to play your part in the puppet show…. Welcome to the puppet show Stick around a lil bit I promise that the blood will flow Shutters closed There’s 2 types of twisted A new kind of system Now follow it Bottle up n swallow it Keep it for a rainy day Ima keep pursuin it No matter what you say ta may Fade away Into stained blankets And hate for the days Digging out of tradegy Searching for the freedom Strings attached To my limbs while I dance Be stronger than the struggle Stones in your stomach While you stood through the storm And that’s important Its enormous as a human To do things with honor Rock n roll road kill Take em to the basement Tell em two faces Just isn’t gunna fly Welcome to the puppet show Cut your extra face off And sew it to another mold Dangle you in front of Fucking people with a bloody nose Nobody knows Here’s a ticket to the puppet show… Chorus: Welcome to the puppet show Cut your face off And sew it to another mold Dangle you in front of people with a bloody nose Nobody knows Here’s a ticket to the puppet show…
Cold and slick In these white winter woods Doin what white kids are good at This is Penguin pop purple Where’s your mother fucking dignity? Treat that thunder With some fucking respect Still buckshot hockey shit Off n on vomiting On anonymous cotter pins Keep out the water kids These mountains are cold And that ice stays heavy Eyes stay empty Boots n bones Breakin on the road home Soulless winter solstice Erosion of the mind You get over it in time See but no one has to know He isn’t sober its fine It’s die today or hibernate I write away the lies and say That dying isn’t so bad I do it every day Inside my spineless little notepad Dare to go where the Fucking scarecrow grows Born and raised In these corn fields to blaze in Ain’t no way that I’m ashamed Of this place that I came from Some shady little acres In the corner of this state sun Say somethin… Backward and Hazardous Tryin to read the patterns On that splattered wrist Just Imagine all the daggers This is Penguin pop purple Fuck the propaganda Ask about the apathy its maddening your majesty Bleedin at the feet Of the beast it seems legit Seein shit n dreamin Of the cautious little monsters That devoured all my hours This how were guna do it Expect the disappointments And the rest will fill the voids It’s the noise makin droid Still makin bad choices Dressed for the life here Next to the nightmares Starrin at the train The wear n tear that shits insane Despair will hit your veins It isn’t fair but it’s the game A different day but it’s the same I stay blazin in the rain The safe haven is the name Of this place and I can say it Fading into grey 88 times a day Ain’t no way that I’m ashamed Of this place that I came from Some shady little acres In the corner of this state sun Say somethin… Penguin pop purple… 970.
Potty Mouth 02:50
POTTY MOUTH Underprivileged mother fucking Ugly bastard with a bad back the flash back anatomy Of spirits in the attic Askin where the fuck the matches at Lets make some fucking ashes And daaaance…… Keep passin up the chances I don’t wana bury hatchets Unless its in the back That mask ur so attached to Knock it off its axis Fuckin Walkin off in blackness And in fact if I had a fraction Of the passion that I had then I wouldn’t be collapsing Like the fucking middle class Shut up and pay ur taxes You fuckin ugly bastard POTTY MOUTH Its placid n the traffic And That nasty lil habit That he has could mean the casket All I am’s a fucking man Getting blasted in a cabin That’s it No fucking tricks or fucking glamour It’s a natural thing Tryin to fatten the wings And dampen the dragons grip On the captain of things crashin in the welcome wagon no fucking traction on this path again its fucking magical … POTTY MOUTH POTTY MOUTH I fucking lost what u thought that I was fucking atrocious belonging under oceans that bitterness can kid you confliction with the distance it’s the hopelessness thats in it getting choked by the rope of the coldest bitch grinnin dealin with the loss all the ignorance and cost he’s guilty of regret that dependence is edible for several days have a feast get on ur feet and defeat that treason catch the blame n get busy set a flame in this shitty little city in the desert where the hang man hangs where same bad face paints the same black train fulla coal in the rain puke and pack a parachute we’re getting fuckin high puke and pack a parachute we’re getting fuckin high puke and pack a parachute we’re getting fuckin high puke and pack a parachute we’re getting fuckin high…
It’s like im livin under water Thunder keeps me awake Ill always wonder If she sees the lake That Ive been livin in for years On that lake water face Lives invisible tears The author of this monster Written in calligraphy Misery gets company It fucks with me Read a broken compass For a month and fucking followd it On purpose writen verses Out of nervousness and burnin em Its garbage like my heart is Dark and made of fuckin marble never even seen the target it’s so far n fucking guarded from the carpet I call home and that poem that u wrote in my cartlidge and my bones and ima carve it into stone try my hardest not to harm it shitty artist made of carbon hiding in the fucking garden agaaaaaaain harmless little martian skinvelope empty carcass arsonist torn garments fulla shit sitten in the fuckin darkness talking to the pages again its been ages play this in the rain… im at the center of the chimney in me is a living thing and every evening it seems to bring illegal things to play illegal games that needle stays in places that it needn’t stay so say wat you need to say and stay the fuck away from me ill take the clouds you take the radiated ground I take a bow and watch the agents Make the rounds Take the crown You told me not to stay around I made mistakes and take the blame For that but maybe that’s the way Its ment to be the centipede Spreads disease in 7 seas Of heavenly dead to me People bleed and leave the scene And what they’ve seen it isn’t clean i believe to be the reason that they’re eating me inside treating meaningless freedom like its defeating the lies ugly mother fuckin American paradise The Imagination runs While the wage stays stagnant This summer time ill cut the ties N Run n hide n fuckin Gut the country side Of all emotion and its over… It’s fucking over….. Chorus: You can see me try To be alive it’d be a lie I bleed and write the seasons try To be the right reason to die
CPR 04:28
Attemptin cpr Ona ugly little skeleton A rose in her mouth Every crow in the know Has flown to the south Wheres the war Its keeping people skared Wheres the floor Its sleepin people impaired The puddles of drugs Are Double the fun Jugglin jungle rum Fuckin Runnin from the sun Carve out my face In a dark hallow place So when the light hits it The fighters might miss it... Onbody cross words That hobbys guna cost her Lost her at the finish My comrades diminished Down the street Their cutting the diamonds Im Outta sleep With no fucking alignment Stuck in a sign pit Duckin the swine shit What did u expect? That’s how the robot life is Guitar on the roof Balloons on the corner Scared with the proof The blues in the mourner... Hand guns and plans Bad lungs and grammer Long filthy streets Highly congested With bomb builden freaks And Bong wilden beasts Songs for the dead Lost on the meds Getting tossed from the top To the bottom of the bed Condescending mother fuckers Bending up the cutter So my slice isn’t right The knife is the kite Let it fly in the night Is it time for the line For the life to decline... Watchin the flames Slop talkin it strange Not often in range Caught poppin the pain Killer filler to the top Im killen off the daemons with the beers and the shots the fear and the sloth the mirrior in the hall it isn’t me at all up against the wall in a house on fire puttin nickels on my vision to pay the expense I’ve been spent Only crazy shits left the Lonely lady gets tested...


Onboard Balloon's second Arcadiac project and fifteenth full-length album, "Meliorate" is yet another captivating journey through the mind of Colorado native, Lee Willis. Elaboration on his one-of-a-kind style, "Meliorate" offers more memorable lyrics than ever and the oh-so-gritty, synth-driven instrumentals that we'd expect from Onboard Balloon. Relax and enjoy.


released January 27, 2015


all rights reserved



Arcadiac Records Wisconsin


Arcadiac Records is a group of like-minded musicians spanning from Southeastern Wisconsin, all through Michigan, Kentucky, Colorado, and South Africa.

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