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This song has no lyrics. You're dumb.
Verse 1(ImLit): How you be doing Jane Jetson, spacey older chick I’d make a date with my psychiatrist for a kiss and in the flick of the wrist i’d be gone with my Swan Song shirt gone haggard in the thorns sure that I’ve been warned, in one ear, out the other I’ve always been a sucker getting licked like all these other motherfuckers pucker up, shit be getting sour diesel powered golden shower hosing down your followers so if you bounce with her, I’ll be pissed I’ll be making up shit about the whole of your existence cause I’m paranoid, sure that your a droid waiting for your self destruct systems to deploy so if the noise is to much for your cranium and you start feeling numb, I think you better run you can tell from my breath I be sin reeking of brimstone and gin, fucking grim Verse 2(Citizen): I say, “What up kid?” then, “Get another bucket.” We can get so zooted that we have to go and puke in it Some people call me cupid, the last truest on the loopid Flute calvary coop did, You I straight up eluded Sober I’m older and more of a bore Call me Kim Hawthorn. Call me the guy on your news report Tickle me turn red. I’m fickle, you give head My pickle big instead. So tickled you turn dead I played Streets of Rage coming out the womb Check me out, I’m Jared Nathan from ZOOM Not dead tho, Three Ninjas special All day, All night I watched it; Lets tussel Meant to be. Call me Destiny Child Mentally Chris Pontius. Now call me wild boy You’re old if you don’t like the cake We stay for the cake Refrain(Citizen): Stay for the cake motherfucker Stay for the cake Just GOD Stay for the cake motherfucker Verse 3(STAKS): Yo who is this? Yo what is this business? Fast Tactics’ stayin within sight distance of the 262 district. With this shit I could make a couple ducketts in an instant My mistress is a short blonde chick and a whitey mean hope image. Listen to Citizen Immature Literature that’s ImLit. STAKS, yo that’s smiley the Ally Kat, throw on your rally caps and sit down and shut your traps cause when I write this shit’s tight like Sarah Palin’s yoga pants. Clap your hands and dance, I hope you end the night in laughs and get so drunk at Ho Chunk casino like Reno, but Wisco scene tho. Yo you don’t even know it’s the king of the flow and the crown of all the critics. Welcome to my home town yea welcome to apocalypse. The clock is winding down and you decide you’ve got a lot to live. Let’s pop some shots of vodka and watch all the bombs come in.
Verse 1(Citizen): I got Sonic the Hedgehog, beat it in black & white Sonic Youth, “Goo” was burning through a tape too Back then tobacco stayed at low price ranges And then I smoked it, had to pay for the cellophaneSES Magikarp card, I got it at the market They used to call me Aladdin, I copped a magic carpet Star of the burbs was Tom Hanks 91’ came and Citizen’s in the ranks Thanks Shakes the Clown (Nuhuh) Bruce Baum (Nuhuh) Jim Baum no relation cept the skin tone, Full House, and beginning stages of bald dome Fuck the cellphone, I only had to call home Phone home, E.T. 82’, Keys give up the drugs in your coat please Probably steady smackin’ police Whitey mean-hop is the reoccurring motif Verse 2(ImLit): Way back when Jeff B. was the Dude Mac, cheese, hotdog, was my only food I used to watch Ren and Stimpy, and then Rocko till I puked cause their antics were a little to gross for this little dude yodalayhoo, Ricola left me snotty and Right Said Fred was always checking out my body when I was going potty, with my pants down and my shirt pulled up, with my dick hanging out, what a clown Bozo line em up, doing shots and drinking Zima till I fucking bust watch the movie Seven and identify with lust go to Pizza Hut, gotta get the stuffed crust what the fuck, Howard the Duck, that movie sucked but I would watch it everyday while I was eating lunch cause I’m a grunge shotgun blast to the face like Vanilla Ice, with just a little taste Verse 3(STAKS): I used to book it butt naked running screaming through the forest. A little later on I was writing emo choruses. No Child of Divorce, but a child of the ninety’s had one too many drunk uncles flick cigarettes at me. Kawasaki Yamaha, No you don’t smell pot grandma. Up jumped the boogie taking shots just like Nirvana. 92 and ta da STAKS laughin at Madonna. Smiley the Ally Kat he always be like HAHA! Big pimpin yea call me Bill Clinton, listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks at Christmas. Eating up my nuggets of chicken in the front yard pissin. “All That” shit and punk ass RUGRATS everyday no missing. Pretend to be sick because fuck school I’m skipping. My neighbor, the sheriff we be ding dong ditching. Don’t be dissing on the 90’s lil kids cause you missed it.
This song has no lyrics. You're dumb.
Verse 1(ImLit): Howdy Doody got no booty, but he always had wood stood tall amongst the minors in the concert hall fall flat on his face, disgraced he’d get back up fucked, but slightly stronger than he ever was if he got in a fight the night was likely ruined but who knew that little dude could play the devil through him I thought I knew him, but now I know I never really did when the shit hit the fan, I ran just like a little kid so riddle me this pops, been so many years but it still feels like he’s still here, what causes that though I know he’s working down in a laundry mat stuffed to the gills with excederin and pork fat down in the dirty South, I heard he’s married now It’s to another puppet crafted with a sexy pout and though the kid terrifies the fuck outta me well I still with him peace, and call him family Chorus(Citizen): Stop in the name of love Before we go and fuck the meaning of the term up Of the term up Before I act stupid just take the shortcut Stop in the name of love Before we go and fuck the meaning of the term up Of the term up What are you thinking? Of the term up Verse 2(Citizen): I got fucked up, smoked up the whole thang Broke off eleven flings I had since I was seventeen My ex-girl said that I’m just a skinny jerk It’s like I’m a jack-off, the world was made for her I’m so over it tho. I told you I’m over it You say, “But her hips, duck.” Fuck her I’m over it Just got paid, I would probably punch the senate Copped a chain on Amazon just for outfit For the hell of it. Yes, I think it’s real funny how some of the ladies I meet just shrug me off for dummies Funny like a cat that plays piano, But no one’s there to see him cuz he’s way outside of Reno Hilarious like a piggy punched in the face but no one got to see it, it wasn’t even taped It wasn’t even taped The cop punched in the face, fuck his nose up Chorus Verse 3(Twat): Welcome to the shit show where we speak in broken lingo. If you watch the burn long enough you'll can feel your sins glow. Lowride limbo! Let's see how dirty we can get. It's bitch eat bitch in this land of patchwork neglect. I've been down many roads, who's to say this ones no different? Clowns could flash mob anytime, so it's best to keep your distance. They're a little bit belligerent when they do what they do, Like "We shit where we eat 'round here, ya' better follow suit!" Now'a'days I'm getting out of bed like my father, performing open ended magic tricks. I don't know why I bother extending a helping hand when all I get are clenched fists. The ace in my sleeve now ceases to exist. It's better to be pissed off than pissed on, but this has gone on long enough; why do you flaunt your imitative brawn? The empirical rule strikes back, they wanna skew the facts man! We live by the pen and we die by the backstab.
Verse 1(STAKS): Greetings from ET y’all can call me IV. I step rep protect and collect for FT. I don’t follow common currency even though the thoughts occurred to me that one of these days someone will seize my property. I don’t pay my taxes properly got problems with geography when I’m way too high and driving. (Oh wait shit I’m driving?) I’ve got three gallons tank of gas, nothing in the bank for cash. No paycheck for another week I really need that bag of weed but rather go to Jimmies. Rip up beats and gossip indie cause I’m different you won’t listen so I’m pissed. Get to drinking get to thinking let’s go play some ding dong ditch and then I get myself in trouble. Others always seem to follow but I keep it on the humble. I don’t hustle I just flow, just in case you didn’t know I’m and alcoholic marijuana fiend a John Pollock wanna be you gotta be walking with me eventually you need to run. Verse 2(Citizen): I’m so broke, I need to find a parking meter with some time on it to stay in the city limits I got a ticket, fuck it Ima pay it Get pissed about the piggies but chill in a couple minutes I’m too inebriated to tell you how I feel about me and you Change the mood. Take the booms Sidetracked like a musician who doesn’t give a fuck about prolifics or winning, come get it The city is fucking me like a bit itch A wit itch; Sabrina is robbing me of kitten A wit it Witness missed me, pissed it fixed itself cuz I shit out my own critic What is this business? I got a couple bitches in my droid from the Milwaukee district Three 5’s; say, I never trust the east-side scenester pussy when they be running up with bow ties Refrain(Citizen): Oopsies, you wanted a scoopsie Hop-the-scotch D-rum, Jager-Baumeister coup-de (STAKS): Tight squeeze right into the nitch, he found the pot empty, he’s a negative nancy
Verse 1(STAKS): Life ain’t nothing but a cocktail waitress listening to cassettes on an old tape deck. Rain check I’m feeling ill I’ll have to call ya later alligator please don’t fucking eat me my meats tough like Arnold Schwarzenegger Verse 3(Citizen): Listen to all the flow, Imagine visual Watch all the silent film, Imagine audio Look at both of my hands, Imagine money in um Look at both of my hands, fuckers getting smacked by um
Verse 1(Citizen): I hop up on the track like I’ve been crying I’m trying the world been bias Not only that, the world been fire This is hell, do your drugs in the stairwell Do your drugs at the Motel 6 in Delevan Spending 250 tomorrow isn’t relevant You wake up tomorrow, “Last night was hella bent” Walk around the muck looking for where your keys went You only feel safe in the third ward I only feel third next to M. Ward and Zooey I hear you need floaties when you swim Look at him, he don’t need floaties when he in it Verse 3(STAKS): Hey kiddies it’s your little city hero getting shitty at your wedding spreading gossip passing blunts getting drunk buckle up we’re going for a run to mcdonalds. I hope I don’t vomit, Oh lord no! Where did I put my wallet. Dialed 911 on the cell phone ahhh shit don’t call it. Eyyy yo let me get another hit. Chorus(Billy Goatz): I’ll ride my big wheel onto greener pastures (x3) And I’m gone, long gone Verse 4(Citizen): I be the CI, the TI, the ZEN You see I be the new Ceaser, your favorite rapper’s twin Who, him? Thanks to Will Smith, I’m in Twice: Shouts to Will Smith, we’re in See me on the webcam, follow like Pikmin Fuck you for real man I said fuck you for real man Muh Muh Muh man Verse 6(STAKS): Woahhh back up though I wasn’t hitting on your girl I was asking for the bathroom. Accidently made her toes curl what’s with that dude? Is that what went and put you in a bad mood? Never been one to talk back talk smack smoke crack but let’s crack jokes and blaze smokes. We could do any one of those.
Verse 1: It's like every day seem like the Truman Show Or maybe I'm just paranoid in one area code I quit smokes, why the hell do I still shake? I'm on a contract with Paramount to the grave With no pay, no lead way I have to sell insurance like Jim Carrey For god sakes, I'm kinda lost in my own environment Feel like I'm in a war, my own team is firing It's like everyday seem like the last They loop like rap beats, kinda look like the past I struggle out of the slump with a pun and badge For good looks, I gotta thank the makeup crew for that But obviously they do all their work when I'm asleep Never seen, they creep - Radiohead God damn it, even watching me when I'm in bed Like I'm sleep-walking outta the fucking set. People n' scenery identical all the time But ducks should change like Mighty to Anaheim Chorus: Mighty to Anaheim, Mighty to Anaheim Ducks should change like Mighty to Anaheim It's like everyday seem like the last They loop like rap verse, kind of look like the past On the air, Unaware That you're the only reason that everybody's there Where? I mean right here Where you're at is a camera pointed like a gat Verse 2: Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight shit It's only the morning, I'm sticking to the script wit For lip is often televised with a demerit And karma strikes back in the form of special effects And through my best friend Through everybody that karma can, including the milk man and grams' I'm so sick of my roll, I might row a boat to the edge of the dome On a limb that it floats I hate everybody involved with this I wanna go home wherever home is I hate everybody involved with this I wanna go home wherever home is Chorus: Mighty to Anaheim, Mighty to Anaheim Ducks should change like Mighty to Anaheim It's like everyday seem like the last They loop like rap verse, kind of look like the past On the air, Unaware That you're the only reason that everybody's there Where? I mean right here Where you're at is a camera pointed like a gat Refrain: (It's like every day my best friend is a motherfuckin' asshole) x4 Verse 3: My best friend is a motherfuckin' asshole Lying to me my whole life, what a hassle I'm just a peasant, Marlon is living in castles I watch TMNT, now lets WRASSLE Even my wife is a motherfuckin' asshole Lying to me my whole life, what a hassle Even Meryl Burbank can travel Your boy Truman is fenced in like farm cattle Your boy Truman broke off after a long battle With no wife, he only watches porn when he's unsettled *MOANS* You hear it from the other room like, "What the fuck he doin?" He either watching porn or he just sampling the moaning Probably the second one Just for fun: Fuck Marlon! Fuck Marlon! Fuck Marlon!
Verse 2(STAKS): He thinks about the end, and what this world would be like if it was only him. It really just depends on who starts and follows all the trends. He dedicates his life to fight to never fall in line just to try to be like them. Now one of these things is not like the other. One of these things is a drunk mother fucker. Cleaning out his system to relieve him from the work week his hurt feet just remind him “damn I’m feeling thirsty”. At first he did it socially just trying to get close with peeps, maybe if he drank enough he wouldn’t be a total geek. Too soon the booze began consuming him. Completely drink reliant and eventually his only friend. Where did it all begin? At the fragile age of ten, father figure was a step. Chronic sinner tried to drown his demons out with liquor but it only made them stronger made him lay his hands on mommy yea they’re living with a monster. Probably too much fucking vodka, watched him drink it down like water. Pop some pills and grab the car keys head down town to fuck with police. Hope you’re up when I get home this black out’s got me feeling lonely, hope you’re up when I get home this black out’s got me feeling lonely. He thinks about the end, and what this world would be like if it was only him. It really just depends on who starts and follows all the trends. He dedicates his life to fight to never fall in line just to try to be like them.
Verse 1(Citizen): Call me the CI, the TI, the ZEN Probably wanna be I, probably buying Fiats Me I got a girly and she be driving Kias Four-wheeler, I tell her that I drive like a geezer But for really tho, I jump it like I’m Evil Knievel hos Hot Snakes, Minutemen on the stereo Really tho, no lie. Smoked up the whole thing twice I shouldn’t have to tell you that we don’t even have to try But if I see Biggie again, I might I hate Tupac hologram, not the guy I’m real laid back, probably think I’m high Probably think I’m drunk; I am, oh my With the Fastax you panic Can it, run behind the door and you (******) With the Maniacs you panic Can it, run behind the door and you slam it Verse 3(STAKS): Fuck all this noise in the 262. East Troy, Milwaukee and St. Cloud too. We be the three that y’all kicked out on our asses we only came back cause we some mother fucking masochists. So you can be mad at us for causing all the damages just bill me at this address, apologize to family members. And when the weather starts to change in the worst way, Smiley the Ally Kat blowing candles at your birthday. Hip hip hooray what a beautiful day to get paid. Today is the greatest day I’ve ever known can’t wait for tomorrow I’ll be way too stoned a picture’s worth a thousand words a blunt is worth a couple songs. Verse 4(Walking With Balance): On the road hungry I take what I need and i feed it to my soul in a perpetual greed nobody will see the scens of panic i've ran as fast as i cant have it the way you want it flaunt no bit till i quit the shit storm warm rain soaks my being bloddy pores peeling open the stitched shut cut wounds you aquired behind closed doors the floors creek when I tip toe so run I run fast Fuck the speed at which the wind blows hunt these hoes down after which we can look up what witch to throw in the pit cuz sombody has to pay for this stupid shit and it's all fun and games till we point that blame run behind the door escape the list of chores and go insane naaa not today it's beautiful how could i stay shut like my usual play I act out every ego filled moment hopiing dope will clear the lense cover is on and i forgot how to work this song
(Citizen) I hop up on the track like I never watched Footloose Move the caboose like Kevin did Bacon but not the lovable fragrence Patient but ImLit is getting anxious (Citizen) I smoked up the whole thing with Vince Green from T.V. in the evening Tape up the cardboard box and revealing That we breakdance on the ceiling Chorus x2:
Come out and dance for me (Someone come dance for me) Come out and dance for me (Someone come dance for me) You know I can’t. (I can’t, naw) So why don’t you (Why don’t you) Just fucking dance for me (Oh, dance for me) (Citizen) Do the Jim Baum, Dodadoda dang thang Do the right thing, Spike Lee Everybody you know, know me Anybody that battle rap; deceased (Citizen) Floating like a butterfly, stinging like a knee to the jaw I was only doing square dance ya’ll (Citizen) Do da dang thang, do da do da dang thang Do da do da do da do da do da dang thang
This song has no lyrics. You're dumb.
Verse 2(STAKS): Dear Mr. President please send another present in the mail Fed Ex express a check to cash and I’ll express my feelings for my country. Feeling lovely kinda stupid way we do things even though we know they bad but when I die. Yo be sure to tell my dad I tried best to be the best emcee I’ve ever seen a deaf dumb and blind mother fucker surely could confess for me. Yo he surely could confess for me. Verse 3(Citizen): Shoutout to Showboat, Shoutout to Bird City Shoutout to my boat I’m gonna buy when I’m fifty People call me Bert, My friends look like Ernie You looked away, I said something witty Smoked up banana peels to feel like a monkey I’m going to heaven like the Pixies
Get me? Forget me. Remember me? I’m a young Ray Nitschke on speed Not one for being fake I came to serve the cake
See: Awkward Cousins


"PROGRESS" is the third album from Fast Tactics (FASTAX)...the first two albums, "MOTM" and "Waiting in Lines" are currently unavailable for download.


released August 16, 2012

Shouts to Ben Hotz, Shouts to Twat. Shouts to Walking With Balance, Shouts to Mike Hafner, Shouts to bad rappers, Shouts to Ecid, Shouts to Leif(Kolt), Shouts to Sonic the Hedgehog, Shouts to theneedledrop, Shouts to Citizen turning 21, Shouts to Batsauce, Shouts to rap music, Shouts to rock music, Shouts to Ween, Shouts to Sonic Youth, Shouts to The Zombies, Shouts to Danny Brown, Shouts to anybody that gives this album a chance


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