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Sentiments to Cinders

by ThiNXx

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She 01:57
Thinxx: She said that it was just lies said as we sped down the road being easily lead, I’m fed up with this stuff said as he argued with his newly be wed, but it was all just in his head, well at least that’s what he said, I believe that we were talking about he and the stuff he said to she and no, I don’t know their names, before you start asking, who am I to you? He said to her but she just laughed and said she had his back, the whackness of that token would remain a fact, that she stole his heart and now she keeps it under lock and latch, so now he finds himself unable to move onto the next, she got him hexed; he thinks she probably was a witch, with some type of spell that she’s keeping him under, he doesn’t know what to do so he just keeps drinking that rum there, she doesn’t care to call him(he doesn’t care to call her), vice versa, inertia... how will he break the spell, unlock his heart from her cellar? Tell her how he feels here... Sentiments to cinders.
I love the way you hate me so much, don’t really get why you acting so fussed, all I really want is to touch and be touched, That way there’s no need for the situation to be reversed, just for a little reverb as I read the words.] Serendipity flip my mentality, you cannot challenge me actually, done with the passive reactionary fallacies, all lost, none forgiven, instances of incidents, walk away, sink or swim, whimsical moments flash by with no remorse, contort your vision of what you thought to be the lord, concord can fly, flap back without lies, lonely dreamer anatomy, what have these seams split about? change your route with a round-about, and round about here disappear with no clear focus, Misled lens lends pens to the preacher but never focus on the breachers of boundaries and barriers, launch 52 Harriers and send out these warriors, worry ya grandmamma about the grandfather clock on the floor, spent 50 years there and now spend 50 more, metaphors force five’s down the throat of six subliminal sentincers, mention the entrances and end all the senselessness, best bliss lifts ten contenders from depression, spoil essence, her stressing, not contesting the west wing of the mountains top, right where the mountains stop come the greatest drop in the share prices, share vices of devices as the vices close the wisest chapter ever written, I’m itching for the kitchen and then wishing for a mission, lift them up above the system on pulley system just like fishing, adjust your vision or you’ll miss them, depends on which way you decide to twist them, challenging existence to a race that only the tortoise could win, With a pace that challenges everything you thought you knew within, holding out for better days just cos that’s the phrase that pays, one waits while the other wades through the core of his decisions, It’s just pitching a curve ball at your face... but where’s the bat at??? act lacks facts; pc dominates the MacDonald’s accounting system, so you can pick a card and max out all that you’ve been saving, slaving over a hot stove 8 hours a day cos he was a chef for a living, now he’s a handy man slash musician cos he prefers the fiddling, Say what you want it’s just hearsay, I can’t hear grey, just as I won’t see your voice coming to destroy the stage, Faced rage on this page like a clear sunny day, it’s weird hay... the type of stuff that makes horses go crazy, while driving Miss Daisy, I missed all the daisies, as I was focussing on exactly what was actually in coming up in front of me, Head on collision, our minds merge for a better decision. [I love the way you hate me so much, don’t really get why you acting so fussed, all I really want is to touch and be touched, that way there’s no need for the situation to be reversed, just for a little reverb as I read the words.
Yo... I thought I really could, turns out I couldn’t, wouldn’t want it if I tried, don’t touch me! So confused, what to do? Your voodoo has got me sold, doll, hold on; don’t let the puppets start pulling on those strings, I watch you grow wings but just keep flying and I’ll keep sighing, when I find out what’s inside them, I’m trying, I’m trying, but obviously not hard enough, my trump card is up but it’s clearly not enough, turn this heart to dust, but that’s just love & it doesn’t always happen the way I think it should go, but it’s helping me to grow & one day maybe I too will get to know, Cos I mean, what do I know.. I mean there was me at the show, Minding my own business When this magical mysterious mistress got my mind so twisted, I mean what is this? I never even wished it but still it got me feeling so lifted, up all the way to the top, brain is now in knots & going back to the cot but it doesn’t wanna rock so I kick scream & cry like a baby, It’s crazy but I’d rather push up daisies then for my mind to be this hazy, give me a sign, write another line, Cos I’m not waiting my time with “lines”, although a different kind, I think you need to find a way to give me time, Cos I don’t mind if you don’t, so ask me to join you, but you won’t, waiting for you to call me & you don’t & with this I can’t cope, or I don’t wanna so I don’t, myself is very emotional & now so has become my sun. so I try to run but these emotions won’t let me and so I let em get me, right exactly where you left me, go be with him!! cos me, I’m not pretend and I don’t wanna be your friend, just because I can’t contend, this is my continent & I’m here to save it And if you can’t comprehend, Then why get so sedated, thought you related, So just know that I’d join you, but I won’t fall into that trap, done it way to many times & now I’m so over that craft, It’s not apt, I don’t wanna adapt & I don’t need to make no pact, Cos I know what I want and now it’s time to grab at strings and start pulling instead of always thinking that I couldn’t & I can’t, Cos that is that & I can, so best believe that, cos I am, And if you can’t grasp the fact that it’s true, then maybe I was wrong and maybe I don’t want you, guess that all depends on you, So, what you gonna do? C’mon lady show me just a little that you’re true I dare you.... So much sadness & I have no idea why, all day I cry, at least have tears in my eyes and they won’t dry, no matter how I try, to survive; I must, Cos there’s way to much love to crush though my whole world feels crushed, stay strong I must, stop being so fussed, I have to try to trust, cos this is the dust, that left me feeling powerless, as it emptied from the hour glass & showered past my overcast, half flag at half mast, cloudy grey weather, but it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, doesn’t really matter at all. Oh, so it doesn’t matter, huh?
OK, let me write it, although I highly doubt it, not quite as enlightened but take the bullet and I bite it, cos it might lift, but really, this pen just kinda bends, so I just pretend to do what I intend, could never count my friends in multiples of ten, just looking through the lens and tryna make amends, but I guess that all depends on whether this void deepens, jumping in the deep end and there ain’t no time for weakness, bless the man who tries to make the hurting of others better, test ya with these letters to see if it will weather, but waiting to see whether, this bleeding heart will stop forever all cos I got caught away from what I sought to treasure, fought them off with every ounce of thought I had within, now just feeling kinda bad and getting rather mad again, hoping that I have enough to follow the plan that I intend, but it’s getting harder to stand and everything is bland and spent. [I don’t wanna get... out of bed today, staying under cover... cos all I see is grey, just what exactly will it take... for me not to break, don’t think there’s anything... don’t think I can be saved] x 2 And it is getting darker with every passing hour after, I showed it off to you and in return all I got was laughter, breaking me, I’m softer, except fragile enough to crack, you are the straw that broke the camel’s back and I can’t really handle that, attacked, bruised, broken and holding on, hoping there will be a token, an inspiration to write another song, for me to wake and save this nation, eyes wide open, clarification, cos now all the ends are fraying and it is all depreciated, lackadaisical moments, over-controlling, the poison is potent, still tryna solve this quotient, the candle is lit but I can’t hold it, have the clay in hand but no motive around to mould it, don’t have a soul, I sold it, all closed up and folded, throw it to the flame and let it turn to ash, half glass, half mast, half assed and half cast, over the cliffs edge with no net out to catch me, smash me up and grab me cos I don’t want this type of happy. [I don’t wanna get... out of bed today, staying under cover... cos all I see is grey, just what exactly will it take... for me not to break, don’t think there’s anything... don’t think I can be saved] x 2 ->[Verse by PhilG the Knowbody]
Nothing 02:53
See, you spend your whole life searching to find the one, well, what if the one aint ready for you once you finally found them, and what if you weren’t ready either and still wanna remain a believer that the seeker missile was not incorrect and the constant connection felt, would just take time to set into action, causing reaction the flavour of passion, that’s forever lasting and up to the task, then would you give me a chance, to ask for your hand, not to be bland but for the past I will not stand and fight, nothing good ever came from staring into the night, so let them lighters ignite, as she tries to take flight, fly free angel eyes, don’t really expect replies, sit here with crying eyes and as soon as one tear dries another starts to build, someone please tell me what’s going on in this really messed up world, please help me understand, cos I can’t really reach and if I cannot get to each then how can I expect to teach, or breach the entrance to human existence, challenge religion and repulsion in an instant, you’ll go into convulsions with no-one to save you but your own damn pride and even that is running out, soon there’ll be nowhere left to hide and you’ll have to come back cos once two hearts start beating as one, there’s no more fun under the sun and what you’ll have left will be equal to none, not even one as you wander wherever, whenever, never get to the edge to end the suffering cos this is just it, it’s either both hearts or nothing and did you notice how in this piece there was absolutely no cussing? Cos loving is one thing that simply must happen, that’s why I’m crushing and now seriously blushing if she doesn’t feel the same thing, or just something... Or just nothing cos I definitely know one thing, that’s that, these feelings are remaining.
To these fools that say they run shit, keep running, keep ducking and diving, Knifing your way into the backs of heartless heads, with no eyes & ears that just don’t listen, only hear, barely breaking their backs to get to reach their end, rather send a messenger, cos me, I ain’t blessing ya with this talent, I don’t ride tandem and I don’t wanna sing your anthem, hand them the holy book back, Million splintered paper cuts toughen the fingers of linguists, well along their inquests of formulation, fornication, indigestion from this scrimmage, paper digest pillage, turn nauseatingly indifferent wanna isolate inferior motives from the tortured cranium, of this diction dignified warrior, Sorry ya missed the dispensation of the ointment and the poison antidote; anti-dope this culture, to the many vultures, circle the sentiments of sickly salvation seekers, get you closer to the speakers, speak the arguments that are heated, over your head like overhead projectors, images of villages burning from the burden of the issues that just worsen, work them to the bone, versions of virgins unknown, antonym gag from the gin spin, cancel the oxygen thieves’ subscription to the airwaves, becoming their slaves and as the care fades, with the rare waves send shock into the blocks that built the clock-towers that fell at the drop, I need to mop up my aspirations from the floor off the tiles that gods laid, raid the reckoning of the beckoning imbalance, challenged ballerinas to a dance that dared deaths defeatist attitude, serendipity latitude that forced out a whole bunch of gratitude, construed prudence used destiny, hence the intensity, that inverted apathy, now I’m sitting in the corner body laden with atrophy. [I’m sitting in the corner body laden with atrophy, the malice in the scene, untapped market that never favoured me, Take a nap, the act that tapped the trap that finally captured me, And I hope you satisfied happily with my fall and its finality].
Paradise 04:15
Paradise is a little different this time, I role a pair of dice before I finally resign, My design was flawed so I closed it in & locked the door, Ain’t nothing behind these four walls that I haven’t seen before, So why are we at war? Told you to use the peaceful force, now isn’t that a metaphor that would get a higher score, English competition, just another competitor, let it form then let it morph, change is just another letter wouldn’t allow to get to her, now my whole sky’s a blur, barbed wire strike Burberry, fire strike strip the fur from these, despicable excuse of another sad mentality, Human beings they rattle me, Burn them all like cattle on the BBQ, Check the hue of the dreams that you pursue before you do decide to crew alongside something new, how can I prove what I conclude without a different view, maybe I could sue but what good would it really do? Picked up the flute & blew, but all that happened was my house got flattened, Latin, Mayan, Greek, Aladdin, magic carpet, flying geek. Streak ahead in light years, seek a girl, found clear then flash, Sorry jack, not like that, she disappears, didn’t know you were looking & I’m not really ready, besides it wouldn’t be with you, lol, so get over it already, Silly teddy, hug & squeeze you tight until your head bleeds & you drown in a pool of your own blood with the rest of the people in this town bud, I collapse and hit the pavement, heavy heart, thud... Thinking, thinking, thunk, thought a little bit, wish I got my heart from hertz, yeah I wish my heart was rented, then I could return it, get it fixed from where they burned it. Undo the unrest; stitch together all the tears, but no-one ever dares to enter my epicentre, the flowers weren’t sent they were sentenced, cos once they entered the entrance, No one could offer them repentance, & now they’re dead as the winter is cold, as raindrops in hailstorms, just a part of the norm, what would you possibly want to be a part of it for? now it’s a quarter past four & we are still at war so I steal a bit of the future with a part of this steel claw & it grips and it tugs & we fight, Oh, how I love the freedom of bringing the dark arguments to light & I just might with all the might of an ant, blow up into a giant & show exactly where I stand, stealth bomber warrior universal skeleton agent, removes all the stains even if they ain’t faded, even if they play dead there’s no way this blade wont pierce the window, make sure your glass is bulletproof; make sure you stay indoors, Endorsements are for the weak & uninspired minds, now where does yours sit? I see you letting yours leak out, just be careful not to force it, as the floors slipped away from any grounding, memories bound me to the walls, Gravity switched, and now I’m rounding the equation to the nearest ten. This is the end, so thanks & here’s the pen I lent. Peace, love & respect... this is ThiNXx
Pin Cushion 03:26
As dark and cold as it ever could get, crouched down in the corner feeling all depressed, messed up in the head, borderline on lest, test my temperament, building up the stress, brick by brick till it stands tall and it towers, making me quite sick, been sitting here for hours, should be seeing flowers but I won’t allow it, picking me apart piece by piece before it devours, wake me from this nightmare, so fragile I might tear, past breaking point, beyond repair, I am lost, I don’t know where, and so I stare, I’ve lost all care, too much to bear yet still I dare to keep pushing, human being? More like your pin cushion, know I wouldn’t, couldn’t leave another so stricken, rather purchase them a present and tie it up with a ribbon. [But that’s just me, know it sounds crazy, never feeling lazy, even when it’s hazy, you can try all you want but still you’ll never faze me, doing this till death, hoping that you’ll play me] Hate me, please... share it with the world, yeah I wish you were my girl, yet still I wanna hurl, unfurl all your lies, throw them in the cup and swirl, then throw them in my face, let’s start the vicious circle, fact is... there were quite a lot of factors, but not one that I factored in so now we remain fact-less, I don’t think that we’ll ever be friends even if you asked it, wish I didn’t have to see you again but it’s just another chapter, In this book of the story that is my life, I know that life is for the living so I’ll try to stay alive, and no matter how bad it gets, I know I will survive, Cos inside I’m a fighter and I have the drive, Diving right in, igniting with my writing, No time left for sighting, the line is out and the fish are biting, and I think I just might win, but I have to keep on fighting, But just not with you, realised it’s asinine as sin. [But that’s just me, know it sounds crazy, never feeling lazy, even when it’s hazy, you can try all you want but still you’ll never faze me, Doing this till death, hoping that you’ll play me]
ThiNXx -> Ready or not I’m out of here, just to make it clear I’m about to disappear, never to come near this place again & you would be deranged if you didn’t feel the same, I am changed, that’s the aim cos these actions that you claim, Ain’t causing nothing much but pain (so much despair), So who exactly is to blame, don’t you care? It’s plain & simple for you to see, While you’re sitting there so cluelessly, being exactly who you choose to be & you see it’s nothing new to me, I am me and if I’m true to me then truthfully and non-illusively, I know I gotta flee, Cos I’m still far from free and still tryna find my feet from the last time we touched knees, basically you had me beat, and these are thoughts I’ll keep, and as I try to cross the street, I find I can’t complete, My feet are stuck concrete & every movements just a mystery, that’s when I see you in that seat and suddenly it appears to me my feet are freed, I can’t repeat & I just know I have to leave. /Immaculate Mentality -> This highway to hell leaves souls broken, remain open, hoping/there’s sin and atonement, keep my eyes closed and frozen, the path I've chosen is my calling, it’s not my fault they've fallen, going nowhere slowly, escape the phony escapades, memories of yesterday, Never fade away, Yet I probably gotta leave and say goodbye, I couldn't deny good times sunshine blue skies, never thought they'd be the first to die, cant decode or fathom why life’s life right?.. So I ‘ma leave on a paper plane, write my way to a new terrain, so long till we meet again, peace and one my friend time to jet, Forever yet I'll never forget... I’ll never forget, but forever wonder and ponder, bothered by what's been squandered, dreams haunted/exhausted, do I too take my last breath Or stay hoping for the next best thing although it stings? I'm taking to the stars to live with celestial kings, something great a new place will bring, Divine enlightenment in my minds what's been decided, Divine enlightenment!! / ThiNXx(chorus) -> I’m leaving, never coming back again and I don’t think that you’ll ever see this face again, I can’t contain these feelings that remain, It’s always been the same and it’ll never change, I think it’s strange that you could never change that attitude, don’t worry baby girl, I ain’t mad at you, so show some damn gratitude and walk toward the latitude, it’s so damn sad that you could not have mastered the truth.. not looking for proof cos it’s already proved and I hope you’re feeling soothed cos I’m leaving.
Solitude 03:28
Silly solitary, simple little syllables, putting them together to gather more appeal, stamped, sealed, licked and stuck down, earth bound, barely breathing in the bomb shell shrapnel, littered air, oxygenate the carbon ology, Frolic in this new technology, Imbalance challenged me to action but actually looking for the latter, Then scatter the data, but does it really matter? the after math passes the facts and blasts right past to adapt the craft and make it apt, already capped, but at least had a laugh, flag at half mast, seals with hasp & staple, for that I'm grateful... willing and able, still sitting at the table, ready to eat release the concrete and get set to set in my feet[Chorus -> Kamikaze Picnic in Instrumental] What a great feat, guess that I can relate, let’s not have this debate about fate and an empty plate, I just don't wanna wait, I've lifted off the weight, and it's already kinda late, just thought that I would state... now play dough, cos I say so, clay mould, grow old, headings bold & the rest in italics, do you wanna sell it? Can you even spell it? Know that you can smell it, have enough sense left for that, so how will you react when you staring at the bat? make a pact and validate, levitate away from gravity, its savvy see and already been, make sure that its clean and eat yer damn beans, now lean a little more to the left cos I like it like that, now say the number four, I can't take it anymore, I don’t wanna keep score, raw to the core, feeling heart sore but hey, anyway, I just wanted you to stay, cos I just wanted you to say, Happy Valentine’s Day too, I hope you having a wonderful time. with him...
Forward finally, are you feeling my focus, this is no joke; it’s more like I awoke this, monster I’ve conjured from deep inside my vessel, stress will kill, that’s only if you let it *fill*, Let it appeal to the inner workings of your heart, focus on the art; leave the bad parts at the start, act smart; don’t need to let that in, Work hard, you’ll get all that you’ve been wanting, live part, and be one with your soul, life guard, protect all that you own, life’s hard, that’s why you should find your zone, my part is to live and set the tone, your part is to make sure I stay in check, that’s cos you’re my friend, that’s if I’m correct, live smart, it’s time to set the trend, and I’m willing to bet that you’ll be there at the end. [chorus] Clap, clap, clapping closing in around me, I’m bound by my motives though the surroundings totally astound me, wound me up like an old wrist watch, then watch me go round for hours till I get ticked off, sick of doing exactly what you told me to, speak of the devil, there you are I found the truth, release me from these shackles at once and step away, I don’t have time to play & I’d like to go & hide away, No say have you, we’re through, don’t do you! I do me just fine, so get out & thank you, Oh no, I don’t see the light in that story, I’m feeling kinda lost & the skies are looking stormy, warm me by the fire deep within your eyes, I’m so sick of all the lies, now just tryna find reprise, stay wise to the advice & trade your vice for nice and live. [chorus] Seems to me it’s getting louder every single hour, there’s nothing I can do so I just stand here prouder, I found the muse I came to use & let loose, now time to light the fuse from New York to Toulouse, who’s a looser in a race full of winners? no time for the beginners, raise the inners from the spinners, In the outer shell of the wizard’s magic spell, He captured half her hell within an image that made him un-well, but it was ok, he had seen brighter days, must escape this maze before the drama stay’s, haze laced trays of issues, and all he saw was miss-use, but all he felt was “miss you’s”, replay over in his brain all day, had to continue to aim and turn the grey, no time to blame and fade away, Only positivity as far as the eye can see.
Break away from everything and let it begin to get under your skin, lose it or win, it doesn’t matter, just begin, quit this adjusting and lusting for something, if you’re never trusting then why are you fussing? I’m nothing without you, what am I gonna do if it turns out to be true, are you mixing the hue yet, or just feeling subdued? Allude what you knew and find something new, what can we conclude from this type of view? Controlling like voodoo, why don’t we try the other shoe too? Too much for you too, who flew when your view grew, Exploratory news new make crews do what they supposed to, Greater spirits I invoked you, where are you now to show the whole truth? I’ll unfold you till you flat across the floor to let my goal through, cannot just scroll through, that’s just not bold dude, In fact that’s cold juice in the middle of Antarctica, Not very nice of you to serve to a cold and weary traveller. [Be prepared to make a change, little by little we can make the gains, just chasing trains, travelling across the plains, It doesn’t make sense, so I just pretend, But in my defence we already found the end]x2. Already found it, bound it, astounded, stuck like glue, Personality see-through, but I don’t see you, what to do? I don’t wanna tell you anything again until this trend is over, Tired of getting the cold shoulder, more experienced and older, Hold the pen in the other hand for once, or at least be brave enough to try, Stop tryna find out why for once and take the time to cry for once, Too much bad out there to not show true care, whatever happened to that flair that used to dominate your air, staring is an illusion that forced confusion from facetiousness, I’m fleeing from the feebleness, focussed on the freedom kiss, one last wish, not half-mast glitch, to get me toward bliss by filling up my dish, And I think it’s delicious, everything I had imagined, Fighting off the fashion to rather focus on my passion.
[see "Doesn't Matter, Huh"]


Sentiments to Cinders" is the 3rd full length studio album by South African hiphop artist "ThiNXx" and he believes that this is his best work to date. It is completely written, recorded, arranged and mastered by ThiNXx himself and features the likes of “Phil G the Knowbody” and
“Immaculate Mentality” with beats by Kamikaze Picnic, Mainvein, Phil G the Knowbody and ThiNXx.

“S2C” is an emotionally themed album taking the listener through a mixture of good times turning bad, the loss of close friends, helplessness in not being able to help friends in need due to inevitable circumstances beyond your control, love, hurt, frustration, being outcast, unaccepted and alone in a big bad world that just seems to get worse every time you blink and yet still being able to carry on pursuing the ultimate goal of living your passion against all odds.

All the lyrics on this album were written between 2010 and 2012 and are relayed in a very, no-holds barred, emotional way that enables the listener to relate, not only in their own way but also through the eyes of ThiNXx himself. This album is very different from the previous two, with regards to the style of the writing and the delivery of the lyrics and promises to be one you don’t want to miss.

DL/Buy original release straight from the artist at: thinxx.bandcamp.com/album/sentiments-to-cinders


released October 10, 2013

Instrumentals by:
Kamikaze Picnic, Mainvein, Phil G the Knowbody & ThiNXx

Phil G the Knowbody & Immaculate Mentality

Written, recorded, produced, arranged & mastered by ThiNXx

Artwork by Jim Baum (Citizen of/Fastax)


all rights reserved



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