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Hospital Basement Music

by Onboard Balloon

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Flightless 02:58
Attention undivided Excited about the lightning Tightening all the kite strings Fighting for all the right things This might bring pain And it might seem vein But im writing it anyway Dying trying to refrain eyes lighting the way the slimes finding a way at night shining and gray its mighty and strange its inviting me to light it biting into the sting buying into the scheme writhing in the writings of the Vikings when im rising different prices striking that the icing on the cake isn’t hiding gliding with the right away with no fucking licence the virus arrives kids its time to get high I decide to decline Just Define and defy The delight in demise And Describe whats derived From Designing devices Disguises for everyday Life is my mind trip I might slip into Another drug abusing vice grip Flightless into another Mental world of violence ….priceless Explain the abuse Explain the accident Explain why that cat cant Get back in the bath again Tragic shit is happenin The masters at work Making angels angry Ya Its anybodys game From the banks to the bars From the snakes to the scars Its amazing that the pavement Hasn’t made it to the stars You’re a basket of beauty That got dumped in the river Hit the beach became a beast Now you’re back where you belong Attracting all these mother fucking Actors with your songs We’re in the belly of the beast And you can smell It in the streets Its hellishly developed and its Melancholy Bite the blade back Torch it leave it in a blaze And blame it on the neighbor kids The razor isn’t fakin it And between me and you That fucking bird died at birth Bleeding out in the blue Its deceiving but its true That evening wasn’t even On the brink of being easy Broken into pieces And Smoking with the reason To get over it he’s leavin…
In Abundance 02:38
I'm lost a little kinda like you feel in a hospital I'm impossible Absurd in abundance worth while to the worthless smile if you heard this piles of insurgents miles of allergic women wolfs n wombs the truth of tombs the wind and the witches ignorant bitches here for the bizness weary and witless she sings divine with wings of wine get wasted and taste it relives the mind talk it away lost in a haze absurd in abundance... My thoughts are a threat that's fucking twice now ur fucking twisted what the fuck is tradition the weakness of wealth is too white to see who might it be in a new dynasty approved by the moves of the new hide and seek try to speak they'll shut you down all they want is war in this fucking town and i'm upside down with a knife in my back a pipe in my frown lifeless still fightin this fuckin power devoured by hours the moving sand absurd in abundance... Chorus: Absurd in abundance Heard in the thunder Verses in cursive this curse is a hunger
Blandbrain 02:34
Don’t wanna be the one That’s fucking with your journey Lookin out these windows In his head a lil blurry Safe to say that when he wakes its way too fucking early Take away the face u made And replace it in a hurry fuck where this music goes this dust isn’t beautiful rust on the cuticles duznt give a fuck grow some pot and fuck at funerals dark as ours the universe this art is far from suitable try to put it on a chart the pharmaceuticals are fuckin with his blood again mix it with mud n grin arrest the basketball player with a blade bleed bloodshed and boil makin crosses outta bones takin losses on the roads a cup of death for his daemons and his devils and his dragons the benevolence is crackin bout to show its ugly head the dying fist that sits under the flesh it’s a wondrous mess the freedom and the hatred mixed up in the murder the power and the payments are devouring the matrix the hours the aspiration is ours and you cant take it beyond the bliss is the charm the coke chokes ur confidence the depression and despair in the air is fucking gross is it like that where you are? Dream a dove up and smash it Emotionally empty Tell me whats your expectations? Watch the faith and the fear Keep you from reaching goals The grip of the grief In ur grin is dismissive Guess the guilt was handled The promises and rage The reality remains All in all compared To Happiness and hope This rappin shits a joke…
Blur 03:28
Its all a blur I can pick the different colors Out her belly how absurd You cant see beyond the bliss Honest monolith’s exist And autumn taught em how ta breath The beauty in the beast Killed at least three people Blood and love cover the easel The bond between his bones And his brain is well trained broken brightness of the burden In in his wurds this isn’t perfect Inadvertent you deserve That fiction vicious little sermon In the vermin and the dirt Caught caring I want them to stop starring Not comparin me to them They see the chems and eat em dead I flee disease and bleed a different Fucking color than the rest Im under stress A fucking mess that’s wonderless A lumber jack with a hundred Fucking friends that don’t ask No compassion for this lonely Rappin addict with flask Of shitty whisky gettin sick again Im fucking sick again Way past the destination Never stop to rest in places Making sure my Several faces Still fit my hellish shape Cutting corners Fucking mourners in the clinic Arora borealis from the mouth Of an attractive out of towner with a lisp And counterfit bills How does it feel To be a human being seeing Your breed bleed again And feed their need to be accepted eating breakfast With the emptiness its heavy shit with sedatives those little fuckin flakes of hate n pain that takes away that fading stain and praise it ur god is odd and up to something I’m off and on and wasn’t trusting…
Drift Away 03:22
Back to flippen this shit Actin crippled smackin tags with them Ritalin kids the sand im sittin in is the sand that we used to sift thru as the littlest kids now this shit is different the bitterness that we witnessed was as innocent as misfits the distance was so risky like sitting in the Olympics shit that isn’t possible when living in this district youth that isn’t truth full just a little bit restricted tell em to fuck off it isn’t any of his bizness twisted little kisses from the mystic in the thickness her sadistic metaphysics so uplifting when she visits drifting until the finish several minutes of divinity passed and I was in it no one in the vicinity couldn’t help but to laugh he isn’t interested in the lipsticks n gimmicks his interest is in what evers missing from picnic like a cynic little bitch nitpicking the picket fences its cryptic in a way just mimicking the clinic get sick and drift away……… Let the youth wander Yesterdays a dream Written on the wings Of the wounded at sea The wind whips the veins It’s the trick up the sleeve So to speak motor leak Ode to smoking all the roaches While the soldiers live at peace And you can trick em twice But don’t trip em at the trial It gets intimate and vile Summer suicide sunset I sit with it and smile Just drift a little while This situation’s silent People die trying to find it Shiver in the shattered sense That this shit isn’t glamorous Notice how the note is written Sitten and decoding it Cold and slick as penguins Lips are grinin at the soberness Legends made of laughter Better say ur goodbyes The fake fade with the lies Take blame and revive Human spirit inside
Why the fuck Can i see the sun still runnin’ on one wheel the battle is uphill shatterd and buzz killd that’s a done deal drinkin on another one another one spills pills into the pearls bound ta get killed dealin with this world sealin’ it off cant breath that hate everytime I hit the pillow damn I see that snake lovin wonder why I gotta be that way Lift the roots And pass it to me Picken fruit From the cancerous tree Livin proof’ That the master can’t see Sippen soup In a pasture of dreams Didn’t pick the roll Sick in the cold twenty six below wind drifts in the snow the blood leaves a trail trail leaves in the blood she don’t even know shes a lyric designer she sees the bleedin crow in the spirit inside her it’s a reminder a different kinda spider pretends its his property offensive novelty jump the fence and ditch this poverty guess everything is being what it otta be it’s gotta be the end haven’t seen a friend the path I see is bent and slowly sinks you lonely drinks you paperback ripples razor that symbol take ur time wishin days were that simple rip the dry page this shit died days before I could record it and even if I did they wood sit back and ignore it trash in the forest she loves to travel she just cant afford it can the brick photo starve Ur thick robo heart? No flash Ya i took the photo dark That rat grinds Against the wind Fat cats spine The dinners within Just wants to cut it Get rid of his skin Technical trash Burn that fuckin candle Man I bet it’ll last Don’t turn the fukin handle In dirtection of past None of this shit matters Thnx for mentioning that Ima spend a couple days In my medicine cabinet Defendin the damage Keep the leeches off em dead where they stand And everybodys mad Cause they head where they can Imaginary lines That they cross in the sand Lost in demand No kind of supply Tossed in the trash Showin signs of life The opposite of oxygen Talking toxic He might exploit it Dry the poisen Listen to the drifting Inside the noises It’s a time of choices Lets all get in line Let them grind our voices Down to nothing Letting them etch The biggest frown in the country Into ur face downin the lunchmeat I’m out in the drumbeat Every thing I found is around and unseen Duplicate the sound When I drowned in a dream… The land freezes every sore above the material rectangle. The revenue stores money before the legible blurb. Money sorts women throughout the correspondence. When can a requested newcomer fail around the slaughter house? The mechanism boils a crashing chorus. Beneath women thinks drugs. Drugs boots the giant outside the ratio. A passed empire mills the obstruction. Why can't a romance stereotype respond throughout drugs? The sore forest illustrates the convenience next to a severe supernatural women. It coasts across the gut. When can the static affect the flat system? Inside the demanding actor despairs its magic nightmare.
Pathogen 03:12
Find your ladder Everybody has one Knife to the laughter Steady is the justice It’s untelevised Heavy in the dust its Thicker than I thought This trickery is nonsense Sicker than the shit U see em lickin off the concrete Knuckle dragon zombie He speaks the language And lends a hand To the next level people Not afraid of the plan The lesson in the letter That night was destroyed fight for a life And it might fill the void In the maze that we walk That’s built for the mad This machine is the end He’s seen it bend Decived by the dreams they seem to remember freaky this wound will bleed till December 6 quartz of blood In a thick porcelain tub a marvelous mask Talking dark as his past It’s far but it’s there And space is a graveyard We’re bugs on a rock In a place that you think That you know all about None of this matters To keep that clear How many miles Have you died today? Maybe the meaning Is to take the beating Its hard to measure Sparkin pleasure In the darkness of arts that starts the endeavor every moment approved by the moon morning imposter mourning the monster often neglected lost and inventive impossible person forever paying the cost of cursive that perception is perfect nose to the notes never noticed the ocean parts of his past in his path again avid and apt its his pathogens…. Places of paintings Underrated A cliché in the making Be careful what you say To the face Of the wasting away
Don’t be afraid Of the aches n the pains That get placed in ur veins When you get to this place And get chased in the rain It’s the saaame Every other day It’s underway im wondering If this wonderous place Is another replacement For scratching all day And getting drunk in the basement Out here in Colorado At the bottom of the well Don’t let the bones bother you Its hotter than hell And Its odd that its this hot In autumn as well Bottles for sale And im buyin em up The beast in the beating Is believable again Where have you been Sitten here starrin And wearin a grin Embarassed harem with skin like a fairy getting married in a trench theres blood on the rocks get out ur gloves get em shoved into boxes obnoxious as hell I am not this I got this This is what it is Its Gut rot anonymous... Everything changes Broken or not Better days wastin Away in the cages Control the contents Confusion is natural Deceit is so deep The need to grow seedless Is even deeper On a need to know basis This place is making History daily The mystery’s intimate Tractors with bastards On em getting plastered Depression in the dessert Is an edible thing Rebels with wings That aren’t guna settle For the regular things They desire whats deserved In the fire as it burns And their tired of the motherfucking Liars in the garden Admiring the artist It gets tiring The irony involved Is a sign that we can fly We wont die and be embalmed This society is wrong But I can only try to be The mighty and evolved Deciding isn’t all… Chorus: Depression in the dessert Is an edible thing Rebels with wings That aren’t guna settle For the regular things Rebels with wings
Take It To 02:30
Tryin to make it thru And take it to The place that you Said you’d never make it to Leavin snakes in the wake It’s tru ankle flavored mason With a face that fukin hates you And if u cant fuckin take it Maybe you should make some changes On the worlds worst wings The weight makes him weary As the waves waste the walls away Understand the tragedy Its wonderland its happening Don’t taste the temples tea Take the trail and succeed Sail seas every season And I haven’t seen the ocean In 10 fucking years Colorado buccaneer Up in here whats the year? Whats another fucking beer? Castin spells at the spot Below societies sounds The sight is slow I like to go On night walks throwin throwies Open up the poem Becuz here no one knows me The shadows in the setting Are at battle with my heading To the last existent star the past the vicious scars the flags at half mast at americas funeral the embarrassments beautiful Rush the room Rush the road Rush the river Rush the ride Fuck the lies tuch your life With a little bitta beauty Respond to other realms Your reality is priceless Relax it’s over qwik That sober chicks getting crazy Makin a mess of this place shes A maze of fucking memories She’d rather bleed Than let you see her fucking enemys Tends to be late Learn the lights burn the lines Fucking serve it with some limes You deserve it this time Your innocent indeed With a home made of history Holy hearts with holes in em Dig the graves on stolen ground Fresher than the freedom That they forgot to frame In the fog theres a fire And its finally tired Watch em feast on the famous Use the darkness to describe The destination of the clones Containment and cost Got this nation all lost Tryin to make it thru And take it to The place that you Said you’d never make it to…
Writing to your ears again the elements of sleep diving into beers again intelligence and keys swingin for the hell of it skeletons in trees in the elegant breeze I really need it like elephants and bees Mother earth's got a story and she's telling it to me i wanna grow show me how they just wanna slow me down tying weights to my ankles i just want to float around don't wanna know the bounds there's hunter conspiring under the wonder the thunder the lightning endless summers of fighting it's a frighting form just try to rise above that lightning storm and realize it's not a lie the sun and the rain are one in the same i'm just glad i get a chance to play this wonderous game just calculate the truth of desire most people are just zoos in search of a tiger searching for a muse to abuse and admire it get tiring.... Alright it's step 2 stop trying to get people to admire and accept you the fire in you tests you making space music and using since neptune no way to translate this vacant landscape tired and sleepless rewiring secrets I'm dying inside and its mighty and decent your mind is at peace and my heart is in hell bleeding light like a star that just fell leaning right and it started to swell so i take a left turn chest burns in recovery in times like this makes me wanna untie my wrist and die by this and all i miss thats why were fightin fightin for dear life thats why were fightin fightin for clear nights the gun unloads the sun explodes erased by the rebels all the while he was chased by the devils we all die sometimes... Chorus: in times like this makes me wanna untie my wrist and die by this and all i miss in times like this


This is Onboard Balloon's first release on Arcadiac Records. Lee has cultivated quite the unique lyrical style which stands out from the desert where he resides, providing thick instrumentals to match. Lee has been recording for close to ten years at his studio in Colorado.


released October 7, 2014

Onboard Balloon is Lee Willis

Cover art by: Jim Baum


all rights reserved



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